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Data products in the wild

Hi Students, Monday’s lecture will focus on Human Factors in Data Science. The class will be an onslaught of needs finding, design, prototyping, and evaluation. It will be intense; brace yourselves. As data scientists, you will ultimately produce a data product, be it a graph or a report or a presentation. This product will affect the […]

Data Science & Urban Planning

Here I describe some inklings of ideas around Data Science & urban planning based on recent conversations* I’ve had, and casual reading I’ve been doing. I will touch on Las Vegas, Brooklyn, the Hubway visualization competition, and FourSquare. Metric: Return on Community This weekend’s NYT magazine has an article by Timothy Pratt: “‘If You Fix […]

Exploratory Data Analysis with Time-stamped Event Data

In the age of Big Data, one of the common data types is time-stamped events. This post focuses on (1) Explaining what time-stamped event data is and (2) Describing the Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) you can do with it. It’s best to start your analysis with EDA so you can gain intuition for the data […]