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Infographics Tell Stories

Hi Students, I will start with… a map! The map above shows the distribution of slavery in the south, and it’s been making its way around the web. I love this map for a number of different reasons, and if you’re a data nerd you probably do too. First, it’s an old thing that resembles lots of new things. Maps […]

Week 6: Kaggle, crowdsourcing, decision trees, random forests, social networks, and Google’s hybrid research environment

Each week Cathy O’Neil blogs about the class. Cross-posted from Yesterday we had two guest lecturers, who took up approximately half the time each. First we welcomed William Cukierski from Kaggle, a data science competition platform. Will went to Cornell for a B.A. in physics and to Rutgers to get his Ph.D. in biomedical […]

On Language, Religion and Next-Gen Data Scientists

Dear Students, Languages are used for communication, and the better we are at communication, the more effectively we can solve problems. I want to revisit the issue of language in the following senses: programming languages,  the languages that people in various disciplines (or domains) speak and the language of Data Science. I want to raise the […]

Talking to CEOs

The CEO of, Doug Perlson, visited on Wednesday so you could ask him questions to help better inform your (hypothetical) data strategy for RealDirect in your (hypothetical) capacity as Chief Data Scientist for HW #1, question 2. I really appreciate (non-hypothetical) Doug taking his time to come talk to us! Here are questions you […]