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Data Science Ethics

Hi Students, When Rachel and I started this class, we realized that there were a wide rage of topics that we wanted to cover. Ethics was one of the topics that kept popping up. However, for a variety of reasons, we didn’t get to cover the topic in class. So I thought I’d write about […]

Too big to fail?

Hi Students, Sorry for the gap in posts. Last week was the Research at Google summit in Mountain View. As an aside, if you work at a remote office, as some of you will, you will occasionally have to dock with the mothership. These periods are often a blur of work and networking, and sometimes […]

Data Journalism Redux

Hi Students, Last week Steve Lohr and Andy Lehren from the New York Times came in to talk about data journalism. Given how amazing that lecture was, I thought you might want more. For more of Andy, you can watch this interview of Andy talking about investigative journalism. For more about data journalism you should check out […]

Infographics Tell Stories

Hi Students, I will start with… a map! The map above shows the distribution of slavery in the south, and it’s been making its way around the web. I love this map for a number of different reasons, and if you’re a data nerd you probably do too. First, it’s an old thing that resembles lots of new things. Maps […]

Mapping Data to Senses

Hi Students, Data visualization leverages the same cognitive processing system that evolved to spot savanna cats skulking in tall grass, recognize emotions in other human faces, and distinguish between food that is and is not safe to eat. We’ve evolved to perceive the world, and as primates, a lot of that perception is visual. The […]

Building Products with Machine Learning

Hi Students, This week Rachel will cover machine learning. I hope you guys love the material as much as I do. Well, maybe not as much as I do… I spent the better part of a decade writing a book on how to build machine learning tools. Since I’ve spent some time thinking about making machine […]

Data products in the wild

Hi Students, Monday’s lecture will focus on Human Factors in Data Science. The class will be an onslaught of needs finding, design, prototyping, and evaluation. It will be intense; brace yourselves. As data scientists, you will ultimately produce a data product, be it a graph or a report or a presentation. This product will affect the […]