Guest Speakers 2012

In order of appearance. Updated with new information throughout the semester. Click on the dates to read the blog post for each lecture.

Doug Perlson, CEO of, case study (9/12)

Jake Hofman, Microsoft Research, Naive Bayes,  Scraping and using an API (9/19)

Brian DalessandroMedia 6 Degrees, Classification, Logistic Regression and Evaluation (9/26)

Cathy O’Neil,, Time series, Financial Modeling, Advanced Regression, and Ethics (10/3)

Kyle Teague, GetGlue, case study (10/3)

Will Cukierski, Kaggle, Decision Trees, Feature selection (10/10)

David HuffakerGoogle, Applying data science in a hybrid research environment (10/10)

Matt Gattis eBay, Recommendation Engines (10/17)

Mark Hansen Columbia University, Data Visualization (10/24)

Ian Wong,  Square, Fraud Detection (10/24)

John KellyMorningside Analytics, Network Analysis(10/31)

David Madigan, Columbia University, Observational studies, Confounders, Epidemiology (11/7)

Ori Stitelman, Media 6 Degrees, Estimating Causal Effects (11/14)

Claudia Perlich, Media 6 Degrees, Predictive Modeling, Data Leakage, and Model Evaluation (11/19)

Josh WillsCloudera, Data Engineering (11/28)

David Crawshaw, Google, Data Engineering (11/28)

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