Announcing the Columbia Data Science Society

There is a new student group on campus called the Columbia Data Science Society. They’ve asked me to pass along the following information:

Introducing Columbia Data Science Society!

Columbia Data Science Society, CDSS, is an interdisciplinary society that promotes data science across Columbia University and the New York City community. Our goal is to understand how to use and manage data to solve complex problems. We believe that the key to data science is its interdisciplinary scope, so we strongly encourage students from all backgrounds to join us. The society has three core priorities: learning, networking, and practicing. To learn about data science, we host a variety of speaker series, panel discussions, and skills workshops. To network with data scientists, we arrange social events on campus and promote meet-ups around the city. To practice data science, we organize data science competitions and events, where members work in teams to test their problem-solving skills. Please join us on this new and exciting knowledge frontier!

To keep up to date with CDSS you should join our email list, either via the website or by emailing We promise not to spam you, but will send a weekly newsletter of CDSS events, other upcoming events around campus that we think you might be interested in, and useful events and resources beyond Columbia.

CDSS is an interschool group that welcomes students from the entire Columbia community. We’ll be offering events targeted to all levels, from technical seminars to experts to introductory events, from applications to ethics to coding, and everything in between.

We have several events planned already, and lots more to come this semester.

Talk by Cathy O’Neil (Mathbabe)

Tuesday, 9/24, 7:00 PM — 8:30 PM at 311 Warren Hall (116th St and Morningside Dr)
Cathy O’Neil will be giving the first talk of the year for the Columbia Data Sciences Society! A former math professor at Barnard, former quant at DE Shaw, and current Data Science Consultant at Johnson Research Labs, Cathy is a great speaker who we’re very excited to have.  She blogs at, and is the co-author of the upcoming book Doing Data Science, based around last year’s Introduction to Data Science course taught here.

Panel on Data in Business and Government

Monday, 9/30, 6:00 PM — 8:00 PM at 209 Warren Hall (116th St near Morningside Dr)
This panel will feature several leaders in the NYC data science community. They hail from places such as the NYC Analytics Units, several NYC data driven start ups, and Data Driven Incubators.

Meet & Greet – Details TBA

We’re planning a social event in early October for all those interested in Data Science to come meet other students and faculty from throughout the university. This informal event will be a great opportunity to get to know what data means in other fields. We’re really excited to meet everyone in person!

Again, you should subscribe to our email list to find out about upcoming events, either via the website or by emailing


Contact the board with any questions, concerns, or suggestions:


The CDSS Board




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