Kaggle Visualization Competition in Our Honor!

Dear Students,

There is a new Kaggle Visualization Competition in our honor! I encourage you all to enter it! I received this email from Will Cukierski from Kaggle. This email was sent to me and Chris Mulligan. (See the p.s. for the Legend of Chris Mulligan.)

Yours, Rachel

Chris and Rachel,

Thanks to your blog post (Chris) and persistent reminders that there is more to a data scientist than model mania (Rachel), we decided this needed to happen:


Chris, we hope you will make a VIP entry and throw your hat in the ring 🙂 Submissions should open by tomorrow.

Have a great weekend,

Rachel again: p.s. Here is the Legend of Chris Mulligan. He enrolled in our class in the beginning of the semester, and then didn’t think he was good enough to be part of it. So he dropped out of the class and audited instead. But he still was excited about Data Science, so he entered the Kaggle competition and came in second, and created a new visualization for Kaggle leaderboards, and now there is a Kaggle competition in his honor. We hope that Chris Mulligan has confidence in his own abilities going forward. Let this be a lesson to us all.


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