Class of 2013 hackNY Fellows

The following is from Chris Wiggins, a professor in the department of Applied Mathematics and Applied Physics at Columbia.  Chris’s name has come up multiple times throughout the semester including the very first day: What is Data Science? and the last day during the student presentations.

Dear Rachel:

I’m emailing to ask your help getting the word out to Columbia students (both undergraduate and graduate), and to the faculty that teach and advise them, about applications for the class of 2013 hackNY Fellows.

The hackNY Fellows program, now entering its fourth year, is an intense, structured internship program designed to introduce students to NYC’s startup ecosystem by pairing the best technical minds with great New York startups. Local startups are carefully selected for the program and have demonstrated evidence of a mentoring environment, committing to:

(i) a specific person (CTO, lead dev, or other technical mentor) to work with the Fellow;
(ii) a specific place allocated for the Fellow to work; and
(iii) a specific technical problem for the Fellow to conquer during the program.

The hackNY Fellows program includes a paid summer internship at a great NYC startup, with free housing as well as a pedagogical lecture series covering all aspects of founding or joining a tech startup. The 2013 class will be the fourth year of hackNY Fellows. Previous Fellows have come from all over the US and Canada, majoring in a variety of subjects. The key criteria for eligibility are strong ability to code and enjoyment of building. There is no requirement regarding major, and previous students have included undergraduates, graduating seniors, MS and MFA students, and PhD students. These students have worked on front-end web development, back-end software engineering, data science and machine learning, and design and UX/UI.

At the end of the 10-week program, students have the option to present their work — either work performed with their host startups or projects on which the students have worked individually.

The program is organized by faculty from Columbia and NYU, and is advised by a board of advisors which includes academics, technologists, and entrepreneurs.

Applications will be evaluated via rolling admissions at .

For fullest consideration students should apply before 11:59 PM NYC time Dec 15, 2012.

For a brief introduction to the program, please see this video created by the class of 2011 hackNY Fellows: ,

or this description of Why You Should Do hackNY by a member of the class of 2012 hackNY Fellows: .

For more information about the program, please see: ;

or feel free to email

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions you, your colleagues, or your students might have.

Best regards,



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