Data Science Classes Forming Across the Country

Last night the students gave their guest lecture. It was awesome! We’ll have a more detailed report tomorrow, but this image was already posted on twitter, so I thought I’d get it up here as a sneak preview for the rest of the lecture. Part of the students’ design concept was constellations and stars, so they have another nice visualization of “data science profiles” as stars. It will make more sense when you see it. Kaz Sakamoto, Eurry Kim and Vaibhav Bhandari created this as part of a larger class collaboration.



  1. Great job viz team!

  2. Reblogged this on Data Science 101 and commented:
    This is a nice graphic showing where data science is being taught. It appears that data science is being taught all over the country.

  3. I’m sad to see the gaping hole around my home state of Colorado…

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