Tonight’s Guest Speaker: Ori Stitelman; Two Announcements

Tonight’s guest speaker is Ori Stitelman from Media 6 Degrees (m6d). Earlier on in the semester we had his colleague, Brian Dalessandro, speak to us about classifiers, logistic regression and evaluation. Ori will be talking about causal modeling. It will be interesting to think about how your understanding of Data Science has evolved since Brian visited us.

Ori Stitelman is a Senior Data Scientist at m6d. His responsibilities include prototyping methods for improving m6d’s display advertisement targeting product, creating fraud detection tools, as well as developing methods for estimating the causal effect of advertising. Ori received a Ph.D. in Biostatistics from the University of California, Berkeley where his primary research focus was on developing methods for estimating causal effects.

Two Announcements:

(1) Eurry and Kaz won Best Data Narrative in the Hubway Competition! Congratulations!!

(2) As a reminder, next week’s lecture is on Monday night (November 19th) rather than Wednesday night because of the long Thanksgiving weekend.


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