Course Announcements (10/16): Homework #3, Final Project and a Reading about Kaggle

Here are links:

Homework #3 (assigned 10/3, due 10/24)

Final Project (assigned 10/10)

[Updated] to include a link to Kaz’s infographic that explains the second part of the final project visually.

Here’s an article making the rounds about how some of the top competitors on Kaggle all had taken Andrew Ng’s Coursera Machine Learning course.  Seems relevant to the final project.


One comment

  1. I came across this response about the Coursera/Kaggle article I thought provides a nice counter viewpoint. Basically Joe argues that ML is a tiny piece of data science, and you can’t just learn it in a class. Actually reminds me a bit of Cathy’s probable talk.


    The obligatory hacker news comment thread:

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