Computational Social Science talk on Thursday, September 27th

Phillip, a student in our class writes

Dear Rachel,

We are running a workshop at the sociology department, which hosts Professor Michael Macy on Thursday. Please see the invitation below. This talk might be of interest for participants in the data science class. Feel free to share.

Best wishes,

The Networks and Time workshop is proud to present Professor Michael Macy (Cornell) on Thursday, September 27th, at 2.30pm in Knox Hall room 509.

The title of Professor Macy’s talk is: ‘Footsteps in the Sand: Tracking Human Behavior and Social Interaction using Digital Media.’Professor Macy is one of the 15 authors of the 2009 computational social science manifest in Science. His talk will show how computational social science can help us understand the relation between social networks and socioeconomic opportunity in the UK, diurnal rhythms and happiness, and the Arab Spring.

All are invited, please join us! (Light refreshments and snacks will be provided.)


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