Visualizing Bill Cleveland’s original Data Science Proposal

I described the origins of and short history of Data Science in week 1. The origins include a 2001 action plan, by William Cleveland, a statistician, written when he was at Bell Labs, to define propose Data Science as a new academic discipline. A student in our class, Eurry Kim (with permission), created the following:

Visualization of Bill Cleveland’s “Data Science: An Action Plan for Expanding the Technical Field of Statistics”, Eurry Kim

Kim says

I plucked a treemap I had drawn up for my admissions essay to Columbia. It’s an educational map based on William Cleveland’s definition of a data scientist. The areas of study are sized by the percent of curriculum Cleveland prescribed. And the color-scale denotes the level of verbiage he devoted to elucidating the area of study in his paper.

We’re so meta in this class!


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  1. […] and Eurry (respectively, (1)sociology PhD student, (2) analyst at Nielsen ratings, and (3)”aspring data visualizer” (better term?) from the QMSS program) have taken on the challenge of polling the students […]

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