Week 1 Report: Current View of the Scope of the Course

  • “data science”: collection of best practices
    • taught to you by experts in the field
    • eager to come teach you
    • filling a gap we see in current education
  • Data Science: research area
    • Columbia University Institute for Data Sciences
    • We’re at Columbia; We showed up for a Data Science class; We represent Columbia’s interdisciplinary research community. What do WE think Data Science is?
    • $80M in funding thrown at it
  • Collaboration. Either way, we’re an interdisciplinary community and have to figure out how to work together


  1. Eurry Kim · · Reply

    I just set up a Twitter account (@AFortioriData) to follow some big names in the data science field (emphasis on data viz). As my profile picture, I plucked a treemap I had drawn up for my admissions essay to Columbia. It’s an educational map based on William Cleveland’s definition of a data scientist. The areas of study are sized by the percent of curriculum Cleveland prescribed. And the color-scale denotes the level of verbiage he devoted to elucidating the area of study in his paper.
    See: http://flowingdata.com/2012/02/03/an-action-plan-for-data-science-a-decade-ago/

    1. awesome! could you send it to me and can I post it here?

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